Author: Jenny Price

Parenting in the pandemic

A mother of a child with autism says all kids benefit from support staff in schools.

From the moment my husband and I learned that our son was autistic, we leaned into the idea of building a team.

What's next for Gov. Walker?

As Scott Walker returns from the presidential ...

No one but Walker knows his future plans, but he has always worn his ambition on his sleeve

No Love Lost

Guess which Madisonians won't be getting valentines this month.

Talking Change

Contemplating how Scott Walker's life is changing, new ways Wisconsin has embraced the Packers and how we all can make a difference this year

Checking In

Free speech, rebate checks and who's ready for Election 2012?

Yes and No

Taking sides on candidates, issues and a few Madison events

The Good Fight

Battles to keep a good reputation, stay connected with voters and keep a promise to a daughter

Time Will Tell

Concerts on the Square gets under way later this month and lest we forget, State Capitol Police have some basic ground rules: Keep quiet during the show, no candles and don't dump your leftover wine on the lawn (it kills the grass). Concertgoers are also forbidden to place blankets on the lawn to stake out a spot prior to 3 p.m. So what happens to those who try to mark their territory too early? According to the event website, renegade blankets will be "folded and placed at the base of the nearest tree." That'll show 'em!

Getting Smart

Wising up on Twitter, open records, road maps and runs for office

On the Run

Running—for office, to safety and out of patience