Author: Jennifer Garrett

31 Coffee Shops We Love

From funky to earthy, our coffeehouse culture...

From funky to earthy to hippie to hip, our coffeehouse culture is as rich and satisfying as the joe being slung.

The Perils of Too Much Sugar

The health problems that candy can cause

With candy season is on the horizon, be aware of the heath problems the sweet stuff is known to cause.

Bad-Guy Gluten

Does the foodstuff deserve its bad reputation?

Does the foodstuff deserve its bad reputation?

Feeling Lucky?

Getting older doesn't mean you have to give up your sex life … as long as you don't give up your condoms

Sleep Interrupted

Brian McNurlen knows firsthand how disruptive a sleep disorder can be. For years the forty-seven-year-old Monona resident routinely rose several times in the night to go to the bathroom. The repeated interruptions often woke him enough that he would get out of bed to watch TV or answer emails for an hour or so around 1 or 2 a.m. It was a nearly nightly occurrence that left him chronically tired.

What a Nightmare

For some reason, you forgot to wear pants and your underwear is showing. And if that's not bad enough, you just realized that you might lose your job because you never took that last final back in college. Wait, you're still in college and you have a final today, but you haven't been to class since the second week. You were going to drop it but you forgot and now it's too late. Even if you leave now, you still won't make it in time for the test. And it's freezing outside—you'll be cold in just your underwear. This is a disaster.

Good Night

Just about all of our waking behavior also affects how we sleep, but here are a few pointers for getting good shut-eye:

Tired Teens

Teenagers like staying up late and hate getting up early. That's hardly news. What parents might not realize is that it's not all their kids' fault. It's as much their bodies as it is their behaviors keeping them up late at night.