Author: Hannah Kiddoo

Finally at Home

After several moves, a family creates their ideal space near Middleton

Historic San Diego

A trip to balmy San Diego isn't complete without hitting the beach or ordering a crispy fish taco. But the city's coolest destinations have roots that run deep.

Home Work

A Madison interior designer takes her talents home for a creative and cozy family space

Enveloped in Goodness

Gotham living space leaves owner feeling at peace

Formerly a church, this Gotham living space leaves its owner feeling at peace.

At Home with Houzz

This highly-intuitive website gives visitors a gorgeous look at home trends and ideas, as well as the experts to make updates happen. Are you connected?

Farmhouse Chic

A Sun Prairie shop offers vintage and rustic inspiration, custom furniture work and an assortment of rehab workshops

Learning by Doing

Students in the Construction and Remodeling program at Madison College get real-world home renovation experience

One Great Night

Throw a party inspired by 'The Great Gatsby' using resources from around Madison

The Wright Fit

A Shorewood Hills couple finds serenity in a lakeside Frank Lloyd Wright home

Wide Open Spaces

Sweeping views and travel memories come together to create a beautiful home for a Middleton family

Modern Mansion To Go

Randy Alexander of the Alexander Company talks about his renovated 1951 Spartan Royal Mansion.

Modern Comfort

A combination of contemporary and Prairie styles makes a Middleton man and his son feel right at home

Retro Fun

Tucked inside a wooded lot, newlyweds create a home that reflects their love of nature, color and good times