Author: Gretchen Miron

Training Together for a Cure

Amanda Hall shares her experiences with Team Challenge, a training program for endurance events and a donor opportunity for the local chapter of a national nonprofit.

Running for a Worthy Cause

Running a marathon is a huge accomplishment, but add in a climate like Antarctica and we're talking seriously accomplished. Kelly Parrish is a Madison native who will get closer to her goal of running 26.2 miles on all seven continents this month when she travels to Antarctica. Kelly decided to make her marathon even more unique by using her expedition to raise money for the local nonprofit Heartland Farm Sanctuary. As a dedicated volunteer, Kelly has combined her passion for running and animals into one extreme goal.

Easing the Transition to Adulthood

For some students it's difficult to imagine life beyond high school, especially if life in high school has been a challenge. "Teens in Transition" is a program created by the Junior League of Madison to address this concern for foster care youth. Since its inception three years ago, president Laura Gmeinder has seen the direct impact it has on a niche group of teenagers in the Dane County.

Healing Others, Healing Herself

When Melissa Terrill and her husband Mike lost their daughter and then son in infancy, they decided to reach out and support parents like themselves. Melissa serves as the president of the nonprofit organization Mikayla's Grace, which provides care and support to parents with babies in the NICU at area hospitals.