Author: Grace Edquist

Summertime Sips

These are the cocktails you should be drinking as the temperatures rise

Crowd Control

Thousands of entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders have already used online crowdfunding to launch new projects. Could you be next?

What's in a Name?

Tucked in downtown's Bassett neighborhood, 8 Seasons Grille is a hidden gem

What's the Status?

How the recent economic ups and downs at the state and national levels affect the business climate in the Madison area

Start Me Up

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive in Madison, but is it enough to propel the region to tech hub status?

Setting the Scene

Give your dinner parties a boost with this set-up

Give your next dinner party a boost with these sumptuous place settings

The Diabetes Deal

What's going on with our blood sugar?

What's going on with our blood sugar?

Downtown Digs

The office is just steps away, but Larry and Marla Frank have found the perfect balance of work and play in their sunny urban condo