Author: Grace Edquist

Here come the Millennials

The fight to attract and retain a demographic

It's a fight to attract and retain a demographic making up almost half the working population.

Work in Progress

While construction ideally results in better sidewalks, roads and infrastructure, it can be a struggle for affected businesses to endure

A Q&A with Mindi Giftos

The intellectual property and technology law attorney talks running socks, speed limits and helping young women gain confidence

Health Care Craze

How will the second year of the Affordable Care Act be different than the first?

The Festival Effect

Taking a page from food and the arts, the tech industry is turning to festivals as a way to increase exposure and generate revenue

Reputation Nation

Quick-hit online reviews have become the new norm. Can we trust this crowdsourced information?

Moving Up

The housing market has been slow to recover, but in Madison, a recent construction boom of apartments could signal a different kind of comeback

HR Gets Techy

New tools for managing employee data and performance are shaking up the human resources field