Author: Enjoyiana Nururdin

Vegans can unite, discuss options

In a city where brats reign supreme at summer cookouts and farm-raised meats are the featured item on many kitchen tables, making connections with other vegetarians can be challenging.

Don't push vegetarian dishes to the side

Madison offers just a few vegetarian-only eating establishments, but the options for vegetarian fare in Madison are extensive, and the choices are elevated well beyond simply omitting meat from a dish. Many vegetarian dishes stand alone, featuring fresh vegetables, legumes, cheeses and grains. These top picks—found everywhere from fine-dining establishments to bars—are delicious and filling enough to satisfy even the most devoted meat eater.

3 markets that boast specialty items

From ethnic grocers to corner stores, small mom-and-pop markets are the places you go for something specific, and end up with items you didn't even know you needed. 

Tastes of Mexico

From the basic bean enchiladas to tongue and tripe tacos, here are some of Madison's favorite Mexican eats

How to Cook With Beer

Kevin Rikli of Next Door Brewing, Marc Stroobandt of Stella Artois and Michael Feker of Il Mito fill us in

Cider Season

Make the most of fall's transition to winter with these apple cider recipes