Author: Emilie Burditt

Slices of Life

People are passionate about their neighborhoods in this city

Down to Business

If you asked chief scientific officers what they needed most to grow their companies, their answers--even before venture capital--were business skills.

In This Together

n his terrific little book, Make Hope Real, author Rich Harwood, one of this country's foremost authorities on civic engagement and change for the common good, argues that most people see themselves as more than mere isolated consumers making claims on public resources without consideration of the public good. People want to be part of something larger, to connect with one another and make a difference in public life. They want hope. Harwood wants to make that hope real. Like many of you, we too have been talking a lot about the economy and what we as a magazine and as individuals can do to respond to the very important challenges we face as a community.

Betting on a Boomerang

ring 'em back to Bucky." Ultimately that's Paula Bonner's goal. And the president and CEO of the Wisconsin Alumni Association is looking to innovative partnerships to reach UW alums around the world and encourage them to return to Wisconsin to live and work. Bonner has a hunch that once invited, they will.

Fresh Air on the Menu

've always found the concept of a menu appealing. For me menus have represented unlimited potential, the promise that by choosing wisely delight awaits aided by the misguided impression that with simplified choices you can't go wrong.

Safety First

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray is the Person of the Year for 2008.

Heady Days Ahead

Heinen reflects on community united (environmental movements and health care reform) and community divided (racial inequality and primate research).