Author: Dustin Beilke

10 craft distilleries in the Madison area

Get your fill of spirits made from local companies

At last count there were 10 craft distillers either in business or just about to open within 50 miles of Madison, eight of them in Dane County.

14 'best of' Madison burgers

You voted and here were your top choices

Listed here are the 14 top-nominated hamburger restaurants in Dane County according to you, the Madison Magazine reader, who cast your votes on the 2017 Best of Madison ballot.

4 great bar burgers in Madison

Some great bars that serve great burgers

Sometimes you are a restaurant that serves alcohol, and sometimes you are a bar that serves food.

3 surprising places to get good burgers in Madison

Find tasty burgers at places not known for burgers

There are some restaurants in the city that serve up great burgers when you wouldn’t even expect to be able to get a mediocre one. And life is too short to eat mediocre burgers.

13 'oldies but goodies' restaurants

Remembering the restaurant classics in Madison

New restaurants pop up all of the time, but these restaurants have stood the test of time and we still love them just as much.

In Political Opponents We Trust

In an era of politics gone wild with exorbitant spending and toxic rhetoric, Ed Garvey and Bill Kraus recall the bygone days of trust, friendship and civility

Boomer Bust

Nino Amato is the voice for his own generation's looming crisis