Author: David Hyland

City Clerk: No ID Required For Voters

Wisconsin voters will not be required to present a photo ID card before voting on Tuesday, even though there is a voter ID bill being considered in the state legislature.

Commentary: Looking Behind Bars

Columnist Derrell Connor says the system is failing people of color who fall into the world of illegal drugs, but remember that in a free country we still have the right to choose.

Commentary: Deadly Debate

Columnist Derrell Connor says the man who pulled the trigger is to blame in Tucson, but in a toxic political atmosphere marked by shouting matches and fearmongering we shouldn't be surprised when tragedies like this strike.

Commentary: Ho-Ho-Hum

Columnist Derrell Connor shares how time, and his children, finally helped him embrace the holiday spirit.

Commentary: Remembering Rosa

Columnist Derrell Connors hails a civil rights hero and ponders whether we've forgotten why the Rosa Parks story still matters.