Author: Dave Delozier

Window of hope widens for stroke patients

Research shows surgery an option up to 24 hours

A new study is showing that some patients unable to seek medical care in the first six hours after a stroke can still be helped by a surgery to remove the blood clot in their brain.

UW Gold Star Honor Roll tells stories of 903 veterans

Interactive kiosk provides stories of UW veterans

At a Veterans Day ceremony, the University of Wisconsin-Madison will rededicate the Gold Star Honor Roll that recognizes alumni who lost their lives while serving in active duty.

Higher energy costs forecast for winter

Colder winter forecast driving cost increase

Heating costs are expected to take a bigger bite out of Wisconsin wallets this winter because of  a colder-than-usual winter and higher energy costs.

Anti-opioid ad campaign will come with challenges

Success will depend on cultural change

Two experts with 70 years' experience in the advertising industry believe a successful ad campaign to combat the opioid epidemic can be achieved, but it will come with challenges.

Amputee designs prosthetic skate for little boy

Child will skate with NHL heroes

What started as a Facebook message requesting help for a little boy who wanted to learn to ice skate has turned into a community effort that will put the child on the ice with NHL players.

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act draws concerns

OTC hearing aid act aims to increase access

The Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act will allow individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss to purchase hearing aids without being seen by a health care professional.