Author: Dannika Lewis

Same message, different tactics: Experts weigh in on protecting your car from thieves

A few weeks ago, Shorewood Hills Police Chief Aaron Chapin was faced with a string of car thefts in his village.  About 10 homes were broken into.  Some of those families had their cars stolen, as well.  Seeing residents falling victim to the ongoing trend of burglaries, he planned a neighborhood meeting to talk about ways to protect homes from those crimes.  Knowing he was also a potential target, he also made changes at his own home.

Verona cheerleaders introduce #BeYou cheer

Verona High School's cheerleading team started its season in an unconventional way.  Maria Carvalho came to practice, sat the young ladies down in a circle and asked them to say one thing that makes them proud about themselves.

Mazomanie Fire Department buys boats, trains in swift water rescue

A couple of things stick out for Mazomanie Fire Chief Mark Geisler when he thinks back to Aug. 20, 2018.  The station started empty with everyone out for sandbagging operations.  It was quickly filled with evacuees from about 100 homes, along with volunteers who wanted to help.