Author: Bill Wineke, Special to Channel3000

Wineke: Downed drone gives us hope

MADISON, Wis. -- My favorite news story of the day occurred in the skies above Lake Michigan last month, but it was reported Thursday. A Michigan state drone helicopter was attacked by a bald eagle. The drone crashed. The eagle flew…

Wineke: Law and Order, Trump style

Here is “Law and Order” Trump style: The Department of Homeland Security sends teams of police-type guards to Portland, Oregon, where they face dangerous combatants — a “Wall of Moms” dressed in yellow tee shirts and shoot chemical gas at the moms and at the city's mayor.

Wineke: Is the president well?

President Trump started his day Tuesday by tweeting that he thinks television personality and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough is a murderer.

Wineke: Don't be a jerk, wear a mask

The great American populace – or, at least, that portion of it that likes to make noise and threaten people – has spoken about the use of masks, saying, in effect, “Hell no!”

This is the new face of conservative thought?

So, I guess this is the new definition of conservative philosophy: “When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total and that's the way it is going to be.”