Author: Bill Wineke, Special to

Wineke: Someone has to pay for health insurance

Until a couple of days ago, the big issue in health insurance coverage was the proposal from several Democratic presidential candidates that the nation extend its Medicare program to cover anyone who needs insurance.

Wineke: Fitzgerald and Vos might like to shut up

You'd think that if you were a legislative leader who convinced Wisconsin lawmakers to promise subsidies of more than $4 billion for a project that may never happen you would consider lying low when it appears it won't happen.

Wineke: Donald Trump Is No MLK

Just about the time I thought the political world couldn't become more surrealistic, Vice President Mike Pence compared President Donald Trump to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Wineke: We overpaid for Foxconn

Amazon has chosen New York City and Crystal City, Virginia, as sites for its new headquarters, and already critics are complaining about the subsidies being offered to the giant online retailer.