Author: Bill Wineke, Special to Channel 3000

Hillary cleared; time for another investigation

Almost lost in all the hoopla about the impeachment trial of President Trump is a report that yet another Justice Department of Hillary Clinton has concluded without the former Secretary of State being charged with wrongdoing.

Wineke: Don't pray for Trump?

Of all the resentments President Donald Trump seems to have against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, none seems to bug him more than Pelosi's claim that she "prays for him every day."

Wineke: Touch Trump and die?

A couple of years ago a Republican operative named Rick Wilson wrote a book asserting that "Everything Trump Touches Dies."

Wineke: 'Prosperity gospel' is ongoing heresy

In the midst of all the other controversies this week, President Trump announced that Florida preacher Paula White will be the new spiritual adviser to his Office of Public Liaison.

Wineke: 'La traviata' shows Madison Opera's class

One way to explain how much the Madison opera scene has improved since the 1980s is that I was once allowed to sing in a performance of Giuseppe Verdi's "La traviata" and was applauded for my efforts.

Wineke: Trump's moat won't float

The real question dividing Americans today isn't whether President Donald Trump should be impeached, but whether Trump proposed defending our southern border with a moat.