Author: Bill Wineke, Special to Channel 3000

Wineke: Was Jan. 6 worse than 9/11?

The right-wing websites that call me a “patriot” were brimming with glee this morning because of a major gaffe in President Biden's speech before Congress Wednesday.

Wineke: This is why we need the deep state

The United States is registering its first cases of the coronavirus, a respiratory illness that seems to be sweeping the world and is highly likely to become a deadly pandemic.

Wineke: Did Bloomberg win the debate?

After spending a day watching and reading the political pundits, I'm beginning to think I must be the only one in America who thinks Mayor Bloomberg came out of the last Democratic Party debate looking better than when he went in.

Wineke: Roger Olsen lived Christianity

If you were to Google the name “Roger Olsen” you would turn up two or three entries, one of them noting he was pastor of Grace Church in New Glarus and the other announcing he was speaking at another church.

Hillary cleared; time for another investigation

Almost lost in all the hoopla about the impeachment trial of President Trump is a report that yet another Justice Department of Hillary Clinton has concluded without the former Secretary of State being charged with wrongdoing.