Author: Biill Wineke, Special to

Wineke: Let’s put Trump back into Xmas

MADISON, Wis. -- The email come-on in my mailbox this morning offered me a cheery “Merry Trumpmas” and encouraged me to purchase “Let’s God Brandon” wrapping paper to help my Christmas presents stand out in a crowd. As it turns…

Tommy and Ron: the Fall of the GOP in Wisconsin

A few days ago, Tommy Thompson, former governor and now president of the University of Wisconsin, announced plans to rejuvenate higher education in the state by finding new ways for universities and technical colleges to work together.

Good Things About the Election

As I watched far too much cable television during the past week, I kept being reminded of the year 2000 and the contest between Governor George W. Bush and then Vice President Al Gore.

Wineke: Nihilism reigns

It's beginning to look as if the victorious social policy in today's confusing world is nihilism.

Wisconsin Becomes the “Wild West”

Governor Evers and his staff had created a seven-item criteria for what the state needed to do before beginning a phased opening of business and social institutions; six of those seven had been met.

Wineke: APT, MSO join in midwinter concert

One valued highlight of the Madison cultural scene is the annual “Beyond the Score” concert of the Madison Symphony Orchestra and actors from Spring Green’s American Players Theatre.