Author: Allegra Dimperio

Huskies, History and Hope

With a northern Wisconsin setting, An Echo Through the Snow is a tale of hope and determination not to be missed

Swim-Meet Must-Haves

DVR the Olympics and head out to Madison's All-City Swim Meet—with these key items in tow

Design Hunting

Three unique Madison shops offer delightful design inspiration

Locally Made Jewelry

A Madison resident's jewelry takes the Dane County Farmers market and online marketplace by storm

Vintage As a Way of Life

Walking into Jess Parvin's home, your eyes might first be drawn to the steer skull hung on the wall, the candle-filled fireplace or the Victorian near east side house's hardwood floor. But behind a sliding door lies the home's real treasure: Jess's "vintage studio."

Style on the Go

If you caught of Madison Magazine, you saw that we have bikes on the brain, and we're not alone. With six percent of Madisonians reporting they regularly use bikes as a mode of transportation, the question is not whether or not to ride a bike, but which bike to ride! If your ten-speed is collecting dust, fear not: the resurgence of the cruiser bicycle just might make you want to don a sun dress, grab a basket and take one of these vintage-inspired rides for a spin.