Attorney general, group announce sex assault kit tracking

Attorney general, group announce sex assault kit tracking
Brad Schimel

Attorney General Brad Schimel and a sexual assault prevention group have launched a new initiative to help victims track evidence in their cases.

The Department of Justice and the Wisconsin Coalition Against Sexual Assault announced the creation of the By Your Side campaign Monday. The campaign is designed to reach out to all sexual assault victims who had an evidence kit collected following an exam by a sexual assault nurse.

More than 6,000 sexual assault evidence kits were sitting untested on Wisconsin shelves in 2014. DOJ received $4 million in federal grants in September 2015 to accelerate testing.

“They have the right to say what happens in their future, in their destiny,” Schimel said. “And the evidence is collected from their body and we cannot ignore their wishes in this.”

Victims can call 1-800-466-6564 or go to to begin locating their kits and explore options for DNA testing. The website also offers contact information for support services.