Attic Angels spread their wings

Recognizing one of Madison's great civic organizations
Attic Angels spread their wings

There are few organizations in the history of Madison with the longevity of the Attic Angel Association. There are fewer yet that have contributed to the quality of life here like Attic Angels. And that tradition continues.

For 125 years Attic Angels volunteers have provided services to senior residents and to local non-profits and to schools and on and on. And it deserves mention that 125 years ago the organization was one of several that put women in Madison in the heart of civic life.

This week Attic Angels is being honored by Youth Services at their open house for giving $125,000 to the non-profit. A few weeks ago Attic Angels contributed $24,000 to Falk Elementary school as part of the adopt-a-school program. They recently donated $42,000 to the Road Home Bright Future Project, the YWCA Restorative Justice Program and Journey Mental Health Center-a-School program. All are just excellent choices for such generous giving.

We’re proud Attic Angels is such a vital part of Madison’s history and, as they are proving today, it’s future.