At home workouts you’ve never thought to try

Get in the groove and stay fit, all while indoors
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While jogging up and down your stairs or fending off the dog while you do ab workouts may have worked for the first couple months of the pandemic, sometimes you just need to mix up your exercise routine. When that time comes, give these energy-inducing, and occasionally bizarre, at-home workouts a try.

Bodyweight Exercises: Instead of trying to find workout equipment, opt for bodyweight only workouts. Duo Rebecca and Jeff Liggon at The Fit create sessions using bodyweight or around-the-house items to accommodate all fitness levels. Classes are held through Zoom multiple times a day. 1709 Monroe St., 250-5116,

Cardio Drumming: Artistic expression and athletics aren’t typically associated with one another, but this musical method gets your heart rate up. Get your starter percussion instrument from Heid Music, or even splurge on a set of maracas for a dance-inspired workout. Workouts can be found on YouTube. 7948 Tree Lane, 829-1969,

Desk Exercises: Wrist stretches, high knees, leg raises, chair dips and calf raises are just a few of the desk exercises you can pull off without causing a scene — especially now that most of us are showing up to our Zoom offices every morning. Getting a few planks or wall sits in in-between meetings or even doing some inverted push-ups on your desk are a good way to get the blood flowing and boost mood in the middle of the day.

Heels Dance: Turn on some Beyoncé and rock your tallest (or shortest) Stilettos. Barrio Dance Studio is bringing the heat with its livestream class lineup of hip-hop and other dance courses, but a beginner to intermediate heels class is what we really recommend to feel your America’s Next Top Model realness. 401 N Lake St.,

Hula Hooping: Hula Hoops are great for fit folks wanting a fun way to work their core and burn some cals. For now, since most gyms like the Madison Circus Space are closed, snag your own custom made hoop from local artisan Rebecca Burbach or check our Madison’s hooper-in-residence, Danielle Lee on social media for inspiration.

Kickboxing, Kung Fu and Self-Defense: Villari’s Martial Art Cooperative has stepped up big time when it comes to online class offerings. Women’s self-defense workshops, kickboxing courses, kids kung fu and karate sessions are available to members and drop-in patrons on Zoom and through Villari’s online library. 532 State St., 251-7755,

Pole and Chair Dance: Hop online to order a pole, or use your dining room chair for this sexy, unique workout routine. Aerial Bliss, a co-ed fitness studio in town, has been working hard to add YouTube videos with new, follow-along content, and are also offering virtual classes. 6620 Mineral Point Road, 616-0710,

Rock Climbing Training: If you’re imagining living a “Free Solo” fantasy, check out Summit Strength & Fitness to make that fantasy a reality. Summit has training materials to get you started. Putting in work with resistance bands and fingerboards not only builds your wrist strength for when you’re safe to boulder, but is a good way to bust out some of that pent up pandemic anger. 3118 Kingsley Way, 515-8385,

Yoga: At-home yoga videos are in abundance on the internet, but support local studios while perfecting your flow. DragonFly Hot Yoga has all the mats and props you could need, and Cosmic Delights has plenty of resources on perfecting your form. Capital Fitness and The Yoga Sangha also have a goldmine of their own Vinyasa, Power Flow and Zumba sessions online.

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