Assembly speaker criticizes elections board

GAB defends decision to delay sending out postcards

State Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said the state’s top election officials aren’t following the law, but administrators at the Government Accountability Board are defending their actions.

GAB administrators don’t deny they’ve missed a deadline laid out in state law, but they said no harm is coming from it.

The GAB has taken over the responsibility of sending postcards to people who haven’t voted in the last four years, asking if they want to remain active voters, to update the state’s list.

The GAB is supposed to do that within 90 days of the November election, and that deadline has passed.

GAB administrators said local clerks are to blame for missing the deadline.

“Many of them are not able to do that for the mailings to be sent out within 90 days, and that’s one of the reasons why we have chosen to delay the mailing until after the April election,” said Michael Haas, division administrator for the GAB.

Vos said the potential for voter fraud is increasing.

“I am incredibly disappointed that in their own memo, the GAB has decided they’re simply not going to follow the law. No explanation, no rationale, just we’re not going to. That is never acceptable,” Vos said.

But GAB administrators said there’s another reason for the decision to wait. GAB officials said they’ve sent out the postcards earlier before but recipients have gotten confused, thinking the postcard means they can’t vote in the February or April elections, so officials will wait and send out the postcards after the April election this year.