Assembly Dems’ fundraising outpaces 2015

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The Assembly Democratic Campaign Committee says it raised more money in 2017 than two years ago.

The committee’s executive director, Doug Hyant, said in an email Tuesday that the committee raised $437,177 over the last year and had $303,875 on hand as of Dec. 31 as it enters the 2018 election season.

The committee raised $338,923 in 2015 and had only $153,959 on hand heading into the 2016 elections. The committee went on to raise a record $1.7 million during that election cycle. Republicans still went on to win their largest majority in the Assembly since 1957 in the November elections.

Hyant says the 2017 numbers show Democrats are gaining momentum. He says the extra money has allowed the committee to hire staff early and make other investments.