Asian students experience discrimination stemming from Coronavirus stereotypes

Madison Metropolitan School District confirms several comments have been made targeting Asian students

MADISON, Wis. — Madison School District spokesperson Tim LeMonds confirmed that several comments have been made toward Asian students stemming from stereotypes about the Coronavirus.

“Teachers were informing us that this was something we should be looking out for because they did overhear students targeting other students,” LeMonds said.

LeMonds said the teachers quickly addressed the students that they overheard making the comments and said those students have not exhibited that type of behavior since.

“The district takes discrimination very seriously,” he said. “When these comments are made, we will address those issues as quickly as possible with those students so that doesn’t continue.”

LeMonds said district officials have cautioned all staff members to keep their ears open to comments being made in the hallways and in classrooms and to “address that student who is making those comments, and also, make it a learning opportunity to dispel any misinformation surrounding Coronavirus and that it’s not discriminatory. Viruses don’t do that.”

LeMonds also said educators should be teaching students during this time what the Coronavirus is and how it spreads.

“Imagine just how that feels being that individual who is being accused of being sick with it or whatever the case, and really seizing that moment to educate that student so they understand that their words have meaning and can be hurtful.”