As speeding tickets on E. Washington skyrocket, here’s the citations and charges from pedestrian deaths this year

MADISON, Wis. — Speeding enforcement continues to crank up on East Washington Avenue in Madison, with police citing 30 people for speeding this past Friday night and Saturday.

Police could well double their tickets written in July from the first six months of the year, with at least 100 handed out so far this month–likely more. From January through the end of June, Madison police officers wrote 151 speeding tickets just on East Washington Avenue, already more than any other year in the past five, except for 2017.

But after back-to-back pedestrian deaths, and in part thanks to a state-funded grant, enforcement has spiked in July. In online blotters, Madison police said they’d written 70 speeding tickets in three enforcement projects over a five-day timespan (July 12-16), bringing the count for July up to at least 100 once this past weekend is accounted for.

But that’s not even a complete accounting for all speeding tickets written on East Washington Avenue in July; other posts have noted additional speeding tickets written without providing a complete count.

As awareness increases and speeding enforcement ramps up amid a particularly deadly year for East Washington Avenue, here’s a roundup of E. Washington Avenue pedestrian deaths in 2021, and which ones have resulted in citations or charges so far this year:

April 3, 3800 Block of East Washington: Police closed the investigation into a pedestrian death on April 3 where a car hit and killed a pedestrian crossing the road. No charges or citations were filed because police said the victim walked into traffic during a green light.

June 14, 3300 Block of East Washington: The crash map operated by the Wisconsin Traffic Operations and Safety (TOPS) Laboratory  lists this crash as a fatality; MPD has not yet provided information to complete the initial critical injury incident report. The driver was arrested for drunk driving; MPD is working on but has not yet returned the information about whether charges were actually filed. This post will be updated once we have that information.

June 26, 800 Block of East Washington: Antoine Johnson, the driver in a hit-and-run resulting in the death of 30-year-old Sean Crisco, was charged after leaving the scene of the incident. Investigators said later Johnson had a green light, and he told police he wasn’t aware he had hit a person when it happened.

July 2, E. Washington Ave & Pawling St: Police have referred charges to the district attorney in a crash where a car hit and killed 57-year-old David Frischkorn while he was in the crosswalk on his bicycle. They have not released the name of the driver; the charge recommended is Operating a Motor Vehicle without a Valid License Causing Death.

July 14, US Highway 151 near I-90: An investigation is ongoing into a pedestrian’s death, after being hit by a car on U.S. 151 where the highway becomes E. Washington Ave.

News 3 Now will update this report periodically when any information about these incidents is released.