Arts should be vehicle for considering most important issues

Arts should be vehicle for considering most important issues

We have been focused…and by we I include this editorial board…on promoting and supporting the arts in Madison as an economic engine as well as quality of life element. But the arts are, and should be, in addition, a vehicle for considering the most important issues in our lives, around which thoughtful dialogue about those issues can take place.

The current production by Madison’s excellent Forward Theater Company is From Up Here, a play that explores among other things bullying, school violence, 21st century adolescence and family life, schools and relationships. It is a provocative play, as the best art is. It asks important questions that deserve serious answers.

To its credit, Forward Theater has taken the opportunity to engage the community in discussing these issues. And to its credit, CUNA Mutual is hosting the conversation in partnership with the Boys and Girls Clubs and including panelists from the Madison Schools, Police Department, and UW Psychiatry Department. We very much appreciate this effort by Forward Theater to use the arts to reach out and connect us to these issues. We hope to see more.