Artists complete murals and artwork on Downtown Madison storefronts

MADISON, Wis.– Following looting and damage to downtown businesses, many have turned the boarded up storefronts into works of art, and today artists painted the final murals.

On the front of the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Rock is painting a large mural of a young black woman. He said his step-daughters inspired this paining.

“I got two step-daughters that are black, and we moved up to Wisconsin and one moved back because it was hard to go to school and fit in,” Salt Rock said. “So I thought, what’s better than painting them?”

Salt Rock said he doesn’t prefer to speak out, but rather express his feeling through his art.

“More art is better, for sure,” Salt Rock said. “I’m not very loud or a good speaker, but I can paint and that’s how I get my voice out here.”

While the details of his mural represents his step-daughter, Salt Rock said it’s a mural that many can identify with.

“Other young girls can walk by and dig it, because this is how they do,” Salt Rock said. “All races are beautiful and the times should be changing. It shouldn’t be like this.”

Salt Rock paints large murals across Wisconsin and the United States, and he said he will continue to spread his feelings through his artwork.

“It makes me feel good that they’re happy with it, because when I leave and they come by everyday and look at it, they’ll appreciate it,” Salt rock said. “That’s what it does to people. It makes them happy.”

It’s too be determined how long the murals will stay on State Street or what will happen to them once they do come down, but each one will be photographed and archived.