Art Fair On The Square returns to the square

MADISON, Wis. — Tens of thousands of people made their way to Capitol Square today as the Art Fair on the Square made a successful return to the sidewalks. Last year’s fair had to be held virtually due to the pandemic, and organizers and artists alike say the return to the outdoor environment is a breath of fresh air.

“I think it’s a really, really good feeling to offer this to the community of Madison,” said Madison Museum of Contemporary Art’s Communications Director, Marni McEntee. “It brings the community together, it gives them something beautiful to look at.”

Among many artists showcasing their work downtown today was Lilada G. G has been doing art since she was young, and for her, it’s a source of healing.

 “As a girl, I drew art alot and it was really reaching me at a point in time where I was going through a lot of trauma,” said G. “Those are just some positive ways of getting the message out there that you matter, that we see you, and you’re beautiful.”

G’s art primarily focuses on uplifting Black women and girls, something she says society is in dire need of.

“The bottom line of my message is really about defending Black girlhood,” said G. “When we see the growing numbers of Black girls who are going missing and they are not getting media attention, I’m hoping that my art just reminds them that these girls are out there and they need our attention.”

G says that it’s her goal to be visible and inspire other Black artists.

“I grew up in Madison and I did not grow up seeing Black artists at the art fair, said G. “I’m very proud to be here, and I’m hoping its a pathway for other Black artists to get involved”

Diversity in art is a message MMOCA support with this event.

“The art fair is something different for everyone,” said McEntee.

MMOCA’s website lists the artists participating in this weekend’s fair, along with their designated areas for easy access.