Art Cart returns for 2021 season

MADISON, Wis. — Art-on-wheels has returned to Madison for the 2021 summer season.

The Madison School and Community Recreations Art Cart is a free program that gives children the chance to release their inner artist.

This week’s craft is titled “Sound Socks.” Inspired by work from the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, kids are given materials to decorate these socks, while also being encouraged to write their thoughts on them.

Organizers said the imagination and creativity of kids is essential to solving the world’s problems.

“We want to bring the art from the museum into the community and bring community art into new spaces and really make it as fun and enjoyable and accessible for everybody,” Art Cart Lead Maria Schirmer Devitt said.

COVID didn’t put the breaks on the cart last year. Instead, it adapted to take home kits, which the program is continuing this year. The cart offers both group and individual projects.

The program will offer five different crafts throughout the summer and move each week between the city’s west to east sides.