Arp: In 2020, it’s time for a change (for me)

Arp: In 2020, it’s time for a change (for me)

Since second grade I’ve wanted to ask questions and tell stories. For 15 years, I’ve been able to do that for the television station I grew up watching.

I’m not sure the intern who walked in the door in June 2004 would have envisioned the career that would develop in this place, which professed then to be “informed, involved and in touch.” I’ve shared heartbreak and triumph—have witnessed state and national political history multiple times over. I watched in awe at the peaceful transfer of power in our nation’s capital, and seen hundreds of thousands of people marching in the streets. I’ve aimed to give people information that would help them make decisions; I’ve always wanted to find the truth and share it with the public. I’ve marveled at the people who have trusted me with their stories for so many reasons, but especially at the ones who made a difference in the world.

And now it’s time for me to do that in a different way.

I’m leaving the wonderful people at News 3 Now/Channel 3000 and at the beginning of next year am honored to be joining the University of Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association as its managing director of communications.

This new chapter is exciting and extremely bittersweet — Morgan Murphy Media and all the people connected with it over the last 15 years have been my family. Company leadership allowed me to try things I never thought possible at the beginning of my career — and ultimately brought me into its ranks as a leader as well to try and shape the future of local journalism. I can only hope I have lived up to the high expectations and standards the company has had over the years — and that I have given it as much as it has given me. I will miss the place and people, the Capitol and campaign trail — and Reality Check especially.

Thank you to Elizabeth Murphy Burns and your family for creating a place as special as WISC. To general managers David Sanks, Tom Bier and Tom Keeler — for always respecting a young woman with ideas and encouraging my growth as a person and journalist. And to Carmelyn Daley and Colin Benedict — who hired and promoted me — thank you for being mentors, role models and friends, and believing in me at times when even I didn’t. To all the fine journalists and broadcast professionals I’ve worked with over the years, including the Capitol press corps — I value your friendship and dedication, knowing you work so much harder than most people know, pouring yourselves into your work and hoping it will make a difference. To my family and friends, especially my husband Brad, who has cheered me on and been a rock for me when things got hard — I love you for every minute of your support.

To this incredible community — thank you for welcoming me into your home so many times, for trusting me with your stories, for engaging with me in online spaces, for stopping me to share your thoughts in the grocery store. I know it’s a privilege to do this job and I have never once taken that for granted.

I’m entering a new phase of my life with this job, and personally — I’m now the mother of two amazing kids. That reality means I want to be even more present for all the beautiful moments in their lives and share that doing something you’re truly passionate about can change your life.

I leave you in the capable hands of newly named political reporter Amy Reid, who I’m sure will continue the proud tradition of political reporting that News 3 Now viewers have come to expect. And never fear — she will also keep Reality Check alive in 2020 and beyond.

While I will miss the people and experiences I have had, I am hopeful a new challenge will create ways for me to innovate and create and lead and engage in a whole new way — to the benefit of another institution that has been an influential part of my entire life, the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Forward we go, #OnWisconsin!

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