Argyle community heals, remembers Wand boys

Father accused of killing boys to collect insurance money
Argyle community heals, remembers Wand boys

Hundreds of people on Wednesday prayed and quietly remembered three young Argyle boys who died in a house fire in early September.

The healing service, held at Argyle’s high school football field, directed more than 300 attendees on how to deal with grief and anger they have about the tragedy.

“The community’s been under a cloud, and it’s just been really hard for everybody,” said the Rev. Dan Bohlman, who led the service. “This is the first step in taking the next step in moving on in our lives.”

Allen, Jeffery and Joseph Wand, all between the ages of 3 and 7 years old, died. Prosecutors have charged their father, Armin Wand III, and uncle Jeremy Wand with three counts of homicide, along with attempted homicide and arson charges.

Authorities accused the Wand men of setting the fire to collect on renters and life insurance policies that didn’t exist.

The boys’ mother, Sharon, remains in the University of Wisconsin-Madison Hospital burn unit, Bohlman said. Their 2-year-old sister was unharmed.

Argyle community heals, remembers Wand boys

Community members lit small battery-operated candles and put them near a photo of the three boys, illuminating their faces. Members of the Argyle police and fire departments, EMS workers and military veterans stood in front to watch the ceremony.

“There’s never going to be a silver lining to find in all of this,” Bohlman told them. “There’s nothing we can take from it, any good we can take out of this, that will come close to the cost of that fire.”

The Wand men are scheduled to have a motion hearing in Lafayette County Court on Tuesday. Their preliminary hearings are set for Nov. 13.