Area youth football team plays at Packers halftime

First time Madison area school selected

It’s not everyday you get asked to play at Lambeau Field in front a packed house, but it was a reality for some local youth football players at Thursday’s pre-season game.

The Poynette Panthers and the St. Francis Xavier Orioles put on quite the show for the crowd at half-time and it’s a scrimmage that’s been in the works for months.

“June 13th is when Tim Schroeder and the Packers had contacted myself,” said Tom Murphy, director of football for St. Francis Xavier.

Murphy graciously accepted the offer to play, and extended the invite to Rob Klink, and his kids from the Poynette Youth Football program,

There were four teams total, two on each end of the field. The players had just seven minutes total to show their stuff.

No score was kept — but of course, the kids who scored had to give the Lambeau Leap a try! With a little bit of a boost, the kids were greeted by the Packers fans in the end zone, who cheered for them like they were the pros.

It was over in a blink, but for these kids, it was a blink that will last a lifetime.

“It was really fun and exciting!” said Logan Schultz, a fifth grader from St. Francis, who later smiled and said he threw a touchdown pass on the field.

“It was pretty cool, going into Lambeau, in front of all these people — it was like, I’m famous!” laughed Parker Walstad, a fifth grader from Poynette.

The kids were certainly famous, with their moms and dads beaming in the crowd. These kids couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend a Thursday night.

The kids really do get the whole game-day experience; they were even on the field with the pros for the National Anthem.

For fans who regularly attend games, you’ll know that Green Bay has been inviting youth football groups to play at half-time for pre-season games for years.

This, however, is the first time they’ve reached out beyond Green Bay or Milwaukee and picked kids from our area.

The kids and their coaches hope to be invited back for another scrimmage at Lambeau next year.