Area departments pay respects to fallen firefighter

PHOTOS: Funeral held for Lodi firefighter

Friends, family and firefighters paid respects Friday to a man killed in a construction accident this week.

Chris Lord, 25, from Lodi, fell five stories down from an apartment building site in downtown Madison Monday morning. He was taken to a local hospital, where he died.

Lord’s wedding was scheduled for this Saturday.

Firefighters from nearly a dozen area departments showed their support in a funeral procession Friday afternoon that lined Lodi streets. Many of the firefighters had worked alongside Lord, but others had never met him.

“It’s tough on everybody, whether you knew him or not,” said Prairie du Sac Fire Chief Jim Hambrecht. “We’re all brothers.”

“I know if something happened to one of our fighters, Lodi would do the same,” said Danny Mulhurn, of the Arlington Fire Department.

Departments train from day one to step up and help one another. Friday, they did that for a family and a community in morning.

“When one of our brothers passes away, we live on in mutual aid and help each other out in a situation like this,” says Hambrecht.