Are playdates safe? What parents need to know as social distancing rules relax

MADISON, Wis.– Wisconsin is starting to open back up, kids are on summer break, and many parents finding themselves at a loss when trying to set up play dates.

Social interaction, even just between one or two friends, can have a positive impact on childrens’ mental health. With the coronavirus still going around, many parents are wondering what’s safe and what’s not.

Doctors from UW Health share the following advice:

  1. Schedule play dates outside.
  2. Choose friends you know have been quarantined.
  3. Create a “social bubble” with those friends; agree to only socialize with them throughout the next few months.
  4. Have kids bring their own toys, like balls, chalk, jump ropes, etc.
  5. Play non-contact activities, like kickball and bubble machines.
  6. Make sure kids aren’t sharing food or drinks.

The usual advice holds true as well—
All kids over the age of 2 should wear masks and stay six feet apart whenever possible. Remember that your child might get the virus and not show symptoms, and then transfer it to you.