Aquaponics experts gather in Stevens Point

Gardening system conference unites educators, growers, government reps

Aquaponics experts are gathering to talk about the best ways to create environments for growing fish and plants together at a conference in Stevens Point.

Eighteen-year-old Auburn, Calif.-native Pierre Beauchamp is one of the speakers at the International Aquaponics Conference at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Beauchamp told the Stevens Point Journal that he has been growing food and building different gardening systems for years. An aquaponics system he built in his high school is producing food for the school cafeteria and could be used as a model for others.

UW-Steven Point Biology Professor Chris Hartleb said the university is looking into offering a professional certificate in aquaponics over the next year.

Students can take aquaponics classes to get hands-on training through partnership with a Montello-based company.