Approve council on homelessness, then do more

Approve council on homelessness, then do more

There is no fool-proof solution to homelessness and there’s no better evidence of that than the scores of communities around the country that have tried and failed to find one.

Homelessness is a complicated problem made more complicated by the messy realities of real humans’ lives. But there are strategies that are proven to help, that are worth a try and that should not be held hostage by politics.

A package of bills introduced by some Republican state lawmakers includes an Interagency Council that would coordinate a variety of agencies and work at reducing homelessness that has been a top priority of homelessness prevention advocates.

But some Democrats are rejecting the bills complaining they don’t go far enough. Well, they don’t. More work is needed. But so is coordination of efforts.

Approve the Interagency Council and all the other worthy additional resources being proposed. Then do more. All or nothing is not good policy.