‘Apprentice’ contestant says records ‘corroborate’ Trump allegations

Newly public cell phone records for President Donald Trump further corroborate allegations of sexual assault against him by former “Apprentice” star Summer Zervos, according to a memo filed by Zervos’ attorney.

Amid a court battle over Trump’s confidentiality rights, Trump and the Trump Organization released phone records for a three-month period in 2007 and 2008 that show several calls between Trump and Zervos.

Zervos’ attorney Mariann Wang says the records produced by Trump’s company show Zervos and Trump “were exactly where she said they were exactly when she said they were there.”

Wang argues in court documents that Trump’s own records — produced for the first time in 2018 and now made public — show he lied and “strongly corroborate” her client’s account of the sexual assaults.

According to Zervos’ attorney, the phone records were fully redacted by the Trump Organization except for six line items showing calls made between Trump and Zervos in December 2007 and January and February 2008.

The log shows a call from Trump’s phone to Zervos the day she says Trump invited her to dinner at a Beverly Hills hotel.

Zervos, who is a registered Republican, is suing Trump for defamation after he essentially called her a liar following her public statement in October 2016 about the alleged assaults.

Trump has denied assaulting Zervos. In a statement provided to CNN, a spokesperson for Trump’s attorney Marc Kasowitz said: “That President Trump may have had several phone calls with Ms. Zervos, who had been a contestant on The Apprentice, in no way corroborates Ms. Zervos’s allegations. In fact, at the time, Ms. Zervos, who initiated most of those calls, was pestering Mr. Trump for a job. Clearly, her counsel is resorting to litigating this case in the press because her claims have no merit in Court.”

Last month the Trump Organization made available Trump’s itineraries for the alleged days in question.

Wang argues that Zervos’ account has been corroborated “in close detail” by the calendar entries and itineraries from late 2007 through early 2008 — the period that includes the day on which Zervos says she met with and was assaulted by Trump. Wang says these documents “line up with Zervos’ detailed public account with striking accuracy.”

The Trump Organization previously declared these documents “confidential” and “only after months of legal wrangling, and a recent telephone conference” with the court, Trump and the Trump Organization “finally and begrudgingly agreed to lift a number of these baseless (confidential) designations,” according to Zervos in a previous filing.

The heavily redacted cell phone records were also a part of the dispute, as Trump’s attorneys argued they should remain confidential because they contain the President’s former cell phone number. However, Trump released the cell phone number on his Twitter in 2015 as part of his presidential campaign.

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