Another large cat spotted; Paw print found

Second report on Janesville's south side this week
Another large cat spotted; Paw print found
Paw print spotted on Janesville's south side Tuesday

Janesville police and wildlife experts are looking into a second reported sighting of a large cat and a newly discovered paw print on the city’s south side.

A video was released Monday of a cat that was spotted Sunday by residents at 3490 Tennyson Drive. It has not been determined if the cat was a cougar.

Police said a woman in the same neighborhood reported another sighting at 7:50 Tuesday night. The creature was seen walking near a tree line.

That came after someone in the neighborhood found a larger-than-normal paw print Tuesday.

Police are still waiting to get the paw print analyzed.

Community Services Sergeant Brian Donohoue told News 3 anyone who sees a larger cat should stay away or call the DNR or police. He said police don’t think there’s any threat to the public and have not increased patrols in the area.