Another administrative transition: Beloit School Board president resigns

Resignation comes after superintendent recently stepped down

The president of the Beloit School Board stepped down from her role, according to a post on her Facebook page.

Pamela Charles said she “appreciated having had the opportunity to serve in this capacity” in the post.

Her resignation comes after the Beloit School Board unanimously voted to accept the resignation of Superintendent Dr. Stanley Munro Thursday night.

The decision comes after accusations that Munro “used his position to intimidate staff and make attempts to withhold information from records requests.”

Along with Munro’s departure, some of the systems he had in place will also be eliminated, such as a three-tier teacher rating system that was unanimously removed Thursday night.

The school board will interview candidates on Saturday for the interim superintendent position and hope to have one in place by Tuesday. Treasurer Megan Miller called for new officer elections for all four positions by Tuesday, saying “this is a time for change.”

The board will then have a discussion about hiring the next superintendent. School officials will listen to community feedback and hold a listening session Sunday at 2 p.m.

There are plans for more listening sessions in an effort to re-establish the community’s trust and hear their thoughts.