Ann Romney speaks to supporters in Milwaukee

Romney speaks at rally at Marquette University

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s wife made a stop Thursday in Milwaukee, where she made an appeal to female voters.

Ann Romney spoke only briefly to supporters, but in her remarks she made an emotional plea on behalf of her husband, saying that he cares about people and will not fail.

Ann Romney was introduced by the first lady of Wisconsin, Tonette Walker, at the rally at Marquette University.

Ann Romney retold a story that was told by family friends at the Republican convention of her husband going to visit the bedside of a dying child, bringing gifts and helping him write a will.

“I was grateful for Pat and Ted Oparowski to come to our convention and tell that story because they were getting tired of hearing the stories about a man that’s heartless and only cares about profit. We know what Mitt cares about. Mitt cares about people,” Ann Romney said.

Ann Romney also made a note to tell the audience how excited she was to have Paul Ryan, who hails from Janesville, on the ticket, saying he was a man of courage and integrity.

Ann Romney spoke for about 15 minutes during the hour-long program aimed largely at female voters. Behind her, about 30 women stood on bleachers, and there was a large banner that read “Women for Mitt.”

President Barack Obama overwhelmingly won over female voters in 2008 and continues to do well with that constituency.

Obama will be in Milwaukee at the Summerfest grounds on Saturday.