‘Angry’ man injures 75-year-old, swears at cops during disturbance

Police: 40-year-old was challenging people to fights inside multicultural center
‘Angry’ man injures 75-year-old, swears at cops during disturbance
Steven Schuh

A man expressing his anger toward people in a south side multicultural center injured a 75-year-old woman and swore at police as he was being arrested, Madison police said.

A Madison police officer was flagged down around 4 p.m. on Dec. 18 for some type of disturbance inside the Catholic Multicultural Center at 1862 Beld St., according to a release.

The officer said he could hear someone yelling loudly in the cafeteria area, and could see a man flailing his arms around, police said. The man, later identified as Steve Schuh, 40, calmed down when he noticed the officer.

Schuh had been challenging people to fights inside the building, according to the release.

Schuh verbally expressed his general disdain for African Americans who have Caucasian partners, and said that situation tends to generate feelings of jealousy and rage on his part, police said. He continued using inappropriate descriptions and names for African Americans and Hispanics when speaking with officers.

Schuh then started taking out his frustrations by kicking a nearby couch so hard that it slid and hit a 75-year-old woman, officials said. The woman suffered a bloody ankle injury.

After Schuh was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia, he called officers names and swore at them. After he was told he was being taken to jail, police said he even threatened to rape a female Dane County Deputy who was working in the Public Safety Building that night.