Andersen: Gordon injured hip flexor vs. LSU

Gordon: "I felt I was good."
Andersen: Gordon injured hip flexor vs. LSU

During his weekly press conference at Camp Randall Stadium Monday afternoon, Gary Andersen addressed the questions surrounding Melvin Gordon’s lack of playing time in Saturday’s loss to LSU. 

Andersen said, during halftime of the game, a trainer told him Gordon had suffered a hip flexor injury in the first half. Gordon opened the second half with a 63-yard run, but appeared gimpy afterwards.

“It was very obvious that he pulled up at the end of that run,” Andersen said.

Gordon saw limited action for the remainder of the game. Monday, Gordon said he felt he could have played more.

“I’ve played through way worse, so I felt I was good,” Gordon added. 

Andersen says the decision to limit Gordon was based on the trainer’s assessment of Gordon’s injury. 

“If I put a kid in harm’s way because I don’t listen to the professional (trainer), then I have a major issue on my hands, because I’m not the person I say I am.”

After Saturday’s game, Andersen indicated that he didn’t know the reasoning behind Gordon’s absence in the second half. Monday, Andersen said he was trying to respect Gordon’s privacy.

“I don’t think it’s anyone’s business to pass along that information after a game, but apparently it is, because that’s what I was asked to do.” 

In their first home game of 2014, Wisconsin hosts Western Illinois Saturday at 11 a.m.