An ugly picture: New transmission lines

Power lines on Beltline more obtrusive than expected
An ugly picture: New transmission lines

We supported increased capacity for the transmission of electricity in the Madison area, and with some trepidation we ended up believing the Beltline route was the best route for the new, high power lines. But holy smokes, are those things ugly. The pictures we saw before the decision was made didn’t really convey just how intrusive these monster poles are on the landscape. We’re not blaming American Transmission Company for that; we’re just saying we didn’t anticipate what we’re seeing along the Beltline.

We still know we need the power and the reliability. And we have no interest in trying to stuff the genie back into the bottle. But despite the costs involved, I have to believe we’d think twice about not insisting the power lines be buried. And next time we’ll look at any similar project in a whole different light.