Amid travel rule changes, UW-Platteville plans Cuba trip

Amid travel rule changes, UW-Platteville plans Cuba trip

A UW-Platteville professor helping plan an educational summer trip to Cuba is excited about the potential future learning opportunities a federal travel rule changes could hold.

“It’s an exciting time because so many changes are happening in Cuba,” UW-Platteville business professor Wendy Brooke said.

The Obama administration rule changes don’t mean that anyone can travel to Cuba yet.  A traveler is still required to meet one of 12 specific criteria, such as the educational trip that UW-Platteville is planning, the new Cuba regulations mean that they will no longer need a special government license.

Brooke, who was raised during the Cold War, and had her own Cuba learning experience under the former travel rules, is thrilled about the teaching potential of taking 15 to 20 students and community members, from all generations, to the island in May.

“It’s critical in my mind that students of today have a clear understanding of how they fit in that global connected world,” Brooke said.  “Cuba is changing right now. And 10 years from now, 15 years from now it’s going to be a different Cuba than it is today.  This is a time to see it: history in its making – history as it unfolds.  So 15, 20, 30 years from now they will see what it was like as it was just starting to emerge.”

This week the US State Department will host Cuban government officials to discuss re-establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries.

There are still spaces available to travel on the UW-Platteville trip.  For information contact either Brooke at or UW-Platteville history professor Dr. Melissa Gormley at