American Hindu Association hosts Fitchburg walk-in vaccine clinic

FITCHBURG, Wis. — The American Hindu Association Temple held a walk-in vaccination clinic for community members Sunday morning.

This was the second clinic they have hosted this month.

“We have a large community out here, Hindu community, who is actually supporting us and we thought it would be a great opportunity to partner up with a local pharmacy and see if we can get as many people vaccinated,” said AHA president Narend Reddy.

He asked sisters, Aashu and Shama Patel, to help organize the clinic. Aashu is a pharmacist, and Shama is a non-practicing MD.

“We’re trying to get 80% of the population vaccinated because that’s herd immunity: 70-80%. With Wisconsin, I think we’ve got 40% already vaccinated fully, and about 30% with that first vaccine. so we’ve got that 10-15% that are still out there,” Aashu said.

Shama said she volunteered with the clinic because she doesn’t want any kind of disadvantage to keep people from getting the vaccine that want it.

“We’re looking at the entire population as a whole and we can’t forget specific communities that don’t have access to health care or don’t easily get treated,” Shama said.

Reddy says he’s working on organizing another vaccine clinic that would happen next week, with details to come on the AHA website.