Amateur filmmaker shut down after impersonating MPD officer, police say

Amateur filmmaker shut down after impersonating MPD officer, police say

Police responded to the 500 block of W Johnson St. Tuesday night after receiving reports of someone with a gun confronting others, according to an incident report.

When officers arrived, they saw a man who appeared to be a Madison police officer sitting in a black Ford Fusion with blue lights in the front windshield, the report said. Officers then noticed that another man was filming the man in the vehicle, and they began trying to figure out what was going on. The cameraman told the responding officers he was producing a movie, and they were in the middle of a scene where an officer makes a traffic stop and pulls out a gun. A woman was sitting in a running car nearby acting as the person who was pulled over, while the man in the Ford Fusion was playing the part of a Madison police officer.

The man wearing the police costume had been out of the car holding a fake gun, which prompted the call to dispatch. According to the incident report, the cameraman told police he purchased the police costume at a costume store.

Police said they confiscated the costume shirt, blue lights and fake gun, and gave the producer a warning for equipping a non-police vehicle with blue lights.

According to the report, the film producer placed signs in the area informing people that he was shooting a movie, but concerned passersby missed the message.

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