Alligator escapes from Caledonia zoo

Zoo president says alligator is too small to be dangerous

An alligator has escaped from the Jo-Don Farms zoo in Caledonia.

The alligator named Boots is 3½ feet long. The alligator was recently moved to a new, larger cage, and the 16-by-16-foot cage had 4-foot high fencing around it with an open top, according to a Racine Journal Times report.

Zoo President Bob Meyer told the Journal Times that the alligator either climbed the cage and escaped out the top or somehow pried open the cage gate. He said the gate was shut in the morning.

After getting out of his cage, the alligator must have crawled under or over a public exhibit fence and two perimeter gates at the zoo on Nicholson Road, the Journal Times reported.

The alligator was spotted along Nicholson Road on Friday but it hasn’t been seen since even though zoo workers continue to search, Meyer told the Journal Times.

Meyer said if anyone spots the alligator, they should call him at 262-308-2224.

Meyer told the Journal Times that Boots doesn’t pose a danger.

“He doesn’t have a big enough mouth to even eat a small dog,” Meyer told the Journal Times. “He’s no danger. He will run from anybody.”