Alliant Energy Center testing site reopens, Public Health adds 1,000 appointments for the rest of this week

MADISON, Wis. — The Alliant Energy Center reopened its doors as a COVID-19 testing site Monday for the first time in over six months. 

The first day of testing went extremely well, Public Health Madison & Dane County testing director Ken Van Horn said, well enough to add 1,000 appointments to the site for the remainder of this week.

The goal is to test 500 to 750 people per day this week. With the addition of these 1,000 appointments, it appears PHMDC will achieve its goal.

Van Horn believes the site will go a long way in catching the county up from a testing shortage. 

“So far, the testing site at Alliant Energy has gone very smoothly. We had originally scheduled 400 people today, and Accelerated Labs took their name seriously because just after doors opened, they asked if we could add 200 more appointments,” he said.

PHMDC partnered with Accelerated Labs to reopen the site on a walk-up, appointment-only basis. Testing is available by appointment only to cut down on patient wait times.

“They hit the ground running today. From the time they got here to the time they were ready to run their tests… it was under an hour and they hadn’t even seen the site before,” Van Horn said.

Currently, there is a one to two day waiting period after booking a test. After completing a test the wait time for results is 48-72 hours, he added.

The clinic is scheduled to run from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each weekday right now. 

For more information regarding testing options and links to schedule a test, visit PHMDC’s website.