Alleged drunken driver tells police car struck him and drove away

Police: Man lied after crash, said he was grilling, not driving
File photo

A 23-year-old man is facing numerous charges after an incident Sunday night. 

Madison police said Jorge Munguia-Torres was at the scene of a car crash in the 200 block of Thompson Drive. The crashed vehicle was nearby; its front bumper had fallen off.

According to police reports, Munguia-Torres told officers he was preparing food when a vehicle that he could not describe struck him and drove away. 

When the vehicle was searched, 12-ounce cans of both Bud Light and Modelo were found amidst spilled beer on the floor of the 1994 Acura Legend, police said.

Investigators said there was not barbecue grill nearby, and Munguia-Torres’s story did not seem plausible. 

Officers gave Munguia-Torres several sobriety field tests, but he was taken into custody for a variety of charges, including operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated and hit and run.