All Madison streets to be plowed

32 crews out salting Madison streets
All Madison streets to be plowed

All residential streets in Madison will be plowed starting Monday afternoon, according to a release from the city’s streets division.

No snow emergency has been declared, but residents are asked to park vehicles off the street, if possible, especially downtown.

Thirty-two snowplows hit the streets as soon as the snow started to accumulate. They will continue routing through busier streets, like East Washington Avenue and Fish Hatchery Road. Once the snowfall slows down, they’ll then move to the residential areas.

As of Monday morning, Madison Streets Superintendent Chris Kelley said he expects a full plow to be done between 10 p.m. and midnight Monday.

Until all of the roads are clear or initially treated, drivers need to be cautious.

“I would recommend traveling beforehand or traveling afterwards. That way, it gives the highway crews and us more time to prepare,” Xiong said.

Xiong said he responds to several more calls when bad weather hits. To avoid being one of the disabled cars on the side of the road, remember to take it slow.

“People think they can go a little faster or they get caught off-guard with the nice weather. All the sudden, it turns to snow or rain and they’re not prepared and we have a lot of people crash or running off the road,” Xiong said.

Xiong said if you need assistance on the highway, call 911 and a dispatcher will connect you with a trooper who can help.