All Madison residential streets will get plowed

No declared snow emergency yet for Madison

A number of snow events in recent days have caused the city of Madison to decide to plow all residential streets Tuesday morning.

Typically, the city will only plow all the city’s streets after 3 inches or more of snow has fallen from a snowstorm.

That hasn’t happened this time. However, the numerous light snow events the past few days caused city staff to recommend a general plowing.

The city will start plowing all residential streets at 7 a.m. Tuesday, after the latest batch of light snow ends. The city will deploy approximately 175 pieces of equipment to plow the 1742 miles of streets in the city.

Streets officials hope to finish all plowing by 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The city will not declare a snow emergency, despite the recent snow.

Streets officials said they have been applying salt to main streets Tuesday to help with the morning commute, now that the temperature has become warm enough for the salt to be effective. The commute Monday evening was particularly bad since salt was ineffective because of the low temperatures.